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Simon Birkenhead

Simon Birkenhead is a chief executive with 28 years experience building businesses and driving commercial success through online marketing and e-commerce. He has worked in organisations from the very largest global corporations through to early stage technology start-ups.

Educated at Cambridge University and London Business School, Simon is a former global business leader at Google, where he led teams across four continents. He has also held business leadership positions at 3M, Telefónica and Gartner. Since becoming a CEO he has run a number of global businesses out of the UK and New Zealand. He is currently Chief Executive and Board Director for International Volunteer HQ, the world's largest e-commerce travel company specialising in volunteering vacations and international internships.

He is author of Managing People, a Penguin Business Experts series book.

Simon Birkenhead | CEO Author Photographer

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Managing People | Book by Simon Birkenhead

Become The Manager Your Employees Want You To Be

60% of managers have never had any training on how to be effective at getting the best performance from their team. Managing People is a practical manual for any first-time manager or established supervisor who wants to succeed in their role - but isn't sure how to. My five-step framework explains the core principles and best practices every manager should adopt for their employees to be happy, productive and effective in their roles - and how to avoid the common mistakes that will demoralise their team, create stress, and destroy organisation culture. Available now as part of the Penguin Business Experts series in paperback and ebook from all major book retailers.


Simon Birkenhead is Chief Executive of

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International Volunteer HQ is the world's largest e-commerce travel company specializing in volunteering and internships abroad.

Since 2007 IVHQ has empowered over 126,000 volunteers to make a difference abroad. We facilitate life-enriching travel experiences that enable our volunteers to give back to causes they care about, while exploring the amazing world around us. With over 300 projects in 50+ destinations worldwide, we offer the world’s largest range of volunteer abroad programs. Read more.

Intern Abroad HQ, a division of International Volunteer HQ, enables students and young professionals from all walks of life to advance their dream career through meaningful international work experience. With over 200 internship programs across 24 countries, we facilitate both in-country and remote applied learning that deepens expertise, enhances cultural intelligence, and accelerates professional development. Read more.

IVHQ is headquartered in New Zealand and is majority owned by Australian private equity firm, Mercury Capital.

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Photographs from Simon's 30 years as a semi-professional photographer

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